What do I pay for shipping?
A quotation for shipping will be given during checkout. The country you live in may charge customs and excise duty on artwork and you may be required to pay sales tax or customs duties on the order. This varies from country to country. These costs must be paid separately by the person purchasing the artwork.
How are goods wrapped and packed?
All artwork purchased comes expertly wrapped and beautifully packaged. We can personalize all packaging and will be delighted to discuss your requirements. Ceramic art is by its very nature delicate and we urge you to take exceptional care when opening your package as accidents can and do happen.
Do you insure the art when you deliver?
We take great care in ensuring that your piece arrives in pristine condition. Our breakage rate is exceptionally low and we use first class shipping agents to provide a premium service. Accidents can happen and we have experienced that this is usually the case if the artwork is not unpacked very carefully. To this end, we do not accept any liability for damages incurred during shipping or unboxing, no matter how they are caused. We can assist with arranging quotations for insurance should you prefer. Please contact our studio directly for personal assistance should you require this at info@shabalaladesigns.com or via mobile phone on +27729997324.
May I return a piece if I am not satisfied?
Our pieces are all unique works of art that are carefully inspected for quality throughout the production and packaging process. Small variations in colour and texture form part of the ceramic artwork and are not a defect. The photographs that we take reflect the true colours of the artwork however slight variations in computer and mobile phone screens may occur. Should you wish to return a piece of art or require a gift exchange please ensure that the terms of exchange detailed in our Returns Policy below are met. For personal assistance with this please contact our studio directly. info@shabalaladesigns.com or via mobile phone on +27729997324
Do you accept commissions for artwork?
Shabalala Designs gladly accepts commissions for bespoke artwork. Please contact the studio to set up a discussion around your needs. info@shabalaladesigns.com or via mobile phone on +27729997324
How do you ensure provenance of each piece?
Each piece of art is signed by the artists and is given a unique number which we record. Our new pieces all have the Shabalala head hidden on them. All pieces are delivered with a provenance card. Should you wish to establish if you have one of our pieces in your collection please feel free to email us a photograph. provenance@shabalaladesigns.com
May I use the photographs and videos of the art?
Please feel free to share Shabalala Designs photography and videos, it benefits the artists tremendously if you help us grow and reference www.shabalaladesigns.com as well as follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Please do not edit our photographs or videos in any way and use them in their original form only.
What do I do if my artwork breaks?
Should you require assistance with broken artwork we encourage you to safely retain all the pieces, take as many photographs as you can and contact us directly. It is possible in certain situations to repair artwork and we will provide you with quotations to do so where possible. Please contact the studio directly info@shabalaladesigns.com or via mobile phone on +27729997324