The Capitalworks Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Company founded by the Capitalworks Group with the objective of providing direct and positive impact to the communities in which it operates.  It continues to embody the core values of partnership, patience and discipline by identifying and fostering relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs in order to develop sustainable businesses that grow and support previously disadvantaged communities.

The Capitalworks Foundation focuses on sustainable job creation.  We do this by supporting projects that concentrate on skills development and the empowerment for self-sufficiency.  Our aim is to prevent and relieve poverty in disadvantaged areas through partnership, entrepreneurial development and business funding to individual local businesses to ensure real and long-lasting social and economic upliftment to these communities.
We are primarily, but not exclusively, concentrating on the arts & crafts environment.  We believe that the best support for a community is to develop businesses within it by providing commercial skills and leadership along with investment and training.  As a workforce multiplies, even in a small business, the positive socio-economic impact over time is exponential.  Instead of a few families being supported, a whole community is involved and provided for.
Currently, the main business that the Foundation has partnered with is Shabalala Designs.  Since joining with the Foundation we have moved the ceramics studio to the Riversands Incubation Hub. The Foundation provides capital, business direction and marketing support to nurture the business.  In due course, we aim to expand the workforce by taking on more apprentices and craftsmen from disadvantaged backgrounds to train, develop and become part of the team.
Longer term, we aim to replicate this self-sustaining and long-lasting model, as we see this as our chosen responsibility to support disadvantaged communities wherever the Group will operate.